Thank you for making an appointment with me. You will receive an email and a text message, when you make an appointment, a day before your appointment, and an hour before your appointment, reminding you to attend your appointment, via telephone, zoom or in person. At the time of your appointment, you must come into my office, or YOU MUST JOIN THE ZOOM ROOM INVITE SENT TO YOU OR CALL IN TO MY OFFICE. I WILL NOT CALL YOU PER THE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION COMMINUCATED TO YOU AT THE TIME YOU MADE YOUR APPOINTMENT. You must zoom in, call in or come into my office. If you schedule an appointment with me, online, at my office, please provide materials that you wish for me to review, only copies, NOT ORIGINALS, via email, US Mail, or in person, NOT originals- only photocopies – at my office, prior to your appointment. Remember that I do not want originals, I only want copies of materials that you want me to review. Further any materials you provide me, are available for return to you within 30 days of receipt. After 30 days any materials, can and will be deleted and/or destroyed to protect your confidentiality. Your appointment is very important to me. Please either call, come into my office, or zoom in at the time of your appointment. I will wait for fifteen (15) minutes past the exact time of your appointment. If you are more that fifteen (15) minutes late for your appointment, absent a request to be late, an actual reason, an emergency, or valid excuse, I cannot meet with you and you will be able to reschedule, perhaps, one more appointment. If you miss appointments, I reserve the right to withdraw from any representation of you in your case. Your appointment is very important. Please do not be late. Please provide relevant information for review prior to your appointment. Thank you for the opportunity to help you. Legal Disclaimer

Original Documents and Materials

If the client, prospective client, or party, presents any original materials and documents and orally agrees, or agrees in writing, to allow the attorney to make a copy of original documents, the client, prospective client, or party agrees to go to the attorney’s office and pick up any originals, and retake possession and control over said originals within thirty (30) days from the date attorney takes temporary possession for the sole purpose of making an electronic copy of said documents. Any original materials and documents left over thirty (30) days shall be considered abandoned, discarded, and deserted, by the client, prospective client, or party, and the attorney will shred said originals and documents. The client, prospective client, or party specifically authorizes the attorney to shred any and all materials and originals left in the attorney’s office for over thirty (30) days. Attorney will provide an electronic copy of any original documents, that the attorney made an electronic copy of, within two weeks of the request, at the expense of the client, prospective client, or party. Privacy Warning