“I was very pleased with the work and effort Don Kaufman put in to my case. Don was very professional and kind as well as his assistant. My questions were always answered and explained in detail, which showed that he was very knowledgeable and gave me more confidence in what he was doing with my case. His bilingual skills were great and I would unquestionably recommend Donald to the Spanish speaking community.”

Alicia (Rifle, CO)

Thank you for your kind words Alicia. They mean a lot to us professionally and personally. Remember a previous Client’s testimonial is not a guarantee of future success in future cases. Every case is different and every case is important. -Donald J. Kaufman, Attorney at Law (970) 947-1776

“Thank you Don for all the work that you did for me. I really appreciate the effort that you placed for my case. Thank you very much, you did an excellent job, whenever I may need you I’ll look for you again. God bless you, your employees, and your business.”

Aponiario ( El Jebel, CO)

“Personally I liked how the lawyers way of being. He is very friendly, tries to explain things as best as possible to understand well the things that are going on in the case, and something that I liked a lot is that if you ask him for an opinion of what one should do, he doesn’t take advantage of the situation and tries to tell you the best decision that would be most convenient for oneself. Without a doubt I will recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks a lot for all the help from the lawyer and those who work for him.”

Cristina (Avon, CO)

“A very good service, from the lawyer and his secretaries.”

Antonio (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“I was represented by attorney Donald J. Kaufman for my back injury that was affiliated to a work accident. Don was very thorough and very easy to understand. Mr. Kaufman went above and beyond what most lawyers, I believe, wouldn’t have dared. Don is very intelligent and knowledgeable in his profession. Mr. Kaufman is very knowledgeable in other fields that are very helpful in his profession. In my opinion don is one of a kind and should be recommended to any and all in need of him. Through all this, once I hired him, I was comforted and at ease and made a new friend. Thank you for everything and God bless you and your family.”

William (Grand Junction, CO)

“Donald Kaufman has been a great support, and I am very grateful for his attention and willingness to help when I needed it so much. Thank you Donald.”

Terry (Aspen, CO)

“I am very thankful for the service I received from his office. My case was handled with a lot of responsibility and honesty not by the lawyer and his assistant. I would definitely recommend this office to others. I am thankful to God that the case has come to an end. I am so thankful to God, the lawyer and his staff. My family and I will always remember you. God Bless. Thank you so much.”

Luis (Carbondale, CO)

“I am very thankful to the lawyer for being there in such critical times. Also, for helping me in my time of need. I would like to thank his office staff for always treating me with great respect and kindness.”

Sergio (New Castle, CO)

“I am so grateful for the attention the lawyer and his staff have given me words can’t even begin to explain how good they were with me. God bless you always. I wish you much success in your work.”

Wualter (Eagle, CO)

“I am one hundred percent satisfied with the work of Donald Kaufman. I’m satisfied with the secretary also, I received a great deal. ”

Braulio (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“Don Kaufman and his staff were genuinely caring people that helped me during a very difficult time in my life. I felt comfortable calling the office to ask any questions I had. Don guided me through a process that I knew absolutely nothing about. With his wisdom and experience, we came to a satisfactory conclusion. I’m very grateful I got to know don and his crew even though it was through unfortunate circumstances. ”

Debby (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“Donald J. Kaufman is a great lawyer. ”

Roel (Avon, CO)

“I’m glad about the representative, Don Kaufman, on my case and also I agree that he did a good work. I disclose and testify everything was legal and honest that’s all I can say. Thank you lawyer Don Kaufman.”

Guillermo (Carbondale, CO)

“I am very pleased with the work that was done with my case. I thank his staff for helping me communicate with the lawyer. For his hard work and friendliness I would recommend Attorney Donald J. Kaufman. ”

Saul (Basalt, CO)

“Mr. Donald Kaufman is a simple, well educated person. He’s professional with his job, comprehensive, and above all speaks Spanish really well. His employees are hard working people, his office always glitters of cleanliness. I can’t repay him for what he did for me, I’m really grateful and may God bless him, and his appreciable family with his employees. Keep going ahead! ”

Elias (New Castle, CO)

“Good attorney. He did everything he could.”

Fernando (Rifle, CO)

“It was a pleasure working with Don. I enjoyed his sense of humor and valued his honesty. I was hesitant to file my claim as I valued my employer, but never did Don make me feel like we were out to get anyone, but rather to seek compensation I felt was deserving to me. Don made the process simple and easy.”

Lee (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“One day my insurance cut my benefits and I was forced to seek Donald J. Kaufman’s services. Don is a great person and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good lawyer. I think everyone needs a good lawyer like Donald J. Kaufman. ”

Reynaldo (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“Don did a great job! It was quite the process but I feel good about the outcome, vindicated. I really appreciated his staff. I would not hesitate to recommend don to anyone in need of his services.”

Cher (Parachute, CO)

“Don is one of the finest in his field a heavy hitter and a knockout slugger. I’m in the greatest debt of appreciation with the utmost sincere gratitude for his services. Dances like Marlin and strikes like a great white. ”

Mariano (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“I was very satisfied with his work; he has a very efficient staff working in his office. Has a beautiful office. ”

Isaias (Craig, CO)

“Don was very friendly and helped me a lot with my case. He paid a lot of interest and time. Maybe without his help or his determination I wouldn’t have been able to been in good health for my three children and that’s why I give thanks and a merry Christmas. ”

Elva (Eagle, CO)

“I am satisfied on the outcome of my case. The office staff was very nice. You have been very helpful. Just keep up what you’re doing. ”

Jose (Carbondale, CO)

“In my opinion, honestly, I think that I liked the manner in which he worked, and that they give good attention to whoever needs his legal help. I did feel confident with them. ”

Guillermo (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“Don was a great lawyer compared to others. Very attentive and was very helpful. I am grateful not only to him, but also his staff. I am very pleased with the results of my case. I wish him the best and God bless.”

Jose (Rifle, CO)

“I can honestly say that at the Law Office of Donald Kaufman received great service and help. Not only that they were very professional in taking my case that and had magnificent results. This is why I am personally thankful. ”

Hipolito (Glenwood Springs, CO)

“I am very thankful with the attorney and with his assistants. I don’t have any complaints, everyone behaved very well with me. I am very pleased with the results. ”

Hector (Gypsum, CO)

Previous client testimonials are not, in any way, a guarantee of future success, or success in your specific claim(s). While we are proud of the work that we do and the satisfaction faction expressed by previous Injured Workers in Colorado, in the event that we might represent you in the future, or not, is not controlled by past results in unrelated cases, but rather the specific facts in your case together with many other factors, known and unknown. Please consider any recommendations as expressions of gratitude by people you do not know on the internet and not in anyway related to your case. I am a small law firm located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and I consider ever case we accept as very important. Checking out a website on the internet does not constitute the creation of an attorney – client relationship. Please read both of these disclaimers: Privacy Notice. Legal Disclaimer. Before contacting our office. Donald J. Kaufman, Attorney at Law. (c) TM 1996-2023. (970) 947-1776

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