Workmans Comp Attorney in Colorado

Are You Entitled To Workmans Comp?

Work-Related Injuries happen all too often. In Colorado, every year there are thousands of people getting injured or suffering from work-related injuries. On average there are about 112 work-related deaths that occur each year.

Some injuries will require years of therapy and some will cause you to change your whole lifestyle. We know accidents happen. But you shouldn’t have to pay them financially as well. Our workmans comp attorney goal is to get you the benefits that you deserve.

Work-Related Post Injury

Injured workers are entitled to:

  • Receive Payment of medical and portion of their wages.Workmans Comp Attorney
  • Access to Permanent or Temporary disability benefits.
  • Receive mileage reimbursement from traveling and parking for medical visits.
  • If you are a survivor, you are to receive $7,000 of funeral expenses, with a death benefit.

Our workmans comp attorney can assist you in getting the right compensation. Book an appointment today to talk to a workmans comp attorney to get your benefits.