I am so proud of this crew for helping others at the Lift Up Extended Table at the First United Methodist Church in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, for the last year. Perhaps the measure of any community is how it treats its most vulnerable members. Opportunities for employment have increased over time, but a segment of our population still does not have enough food to eat. There are many reasons for this face, but the need persists. These individuals donate their time, money, and hard work, to ensure actual members of the community do not go hungry. I am proud of them. Our Law Firm and Family are very proud to have been a part of this mission. The First United Methodist Church in Glenwood Springs offered the use of their kitchen and fellowship hall to host Extended Table, and their generosity has continued all of these years. In 2012, an Extended Table location was opened in Rifle.

A typical night
Demand has grown steadily over the years. In February 2016, 1,518 meals were served to guests, with 223 volunteers giving 512 hours to serve their hungry neighbors. 19,395 meals were served in 2015!

Volunteer at the Extended Table
Over the years many individuals, groups of friends, business colleagues, churches and organizations have volunteered to take from 1-5 nights per month at the Extended Table, making it possible for the soup kitchen to be run at a very low annual cost. Generally, the volunteer team in charge of an evening also purchases, prepares and serves the food, and cleans up afterward. For inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 970.625.4496.

Thank you Lift Up and First United Methodist Church for all that you do. -Don Kaufman 970-947-1776 www.glenwoodattorney.com

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