Can I see my own doctor for workers comp in Colorado? Yes.

Colorado law significantly limits your ability to choose your own medical provider for a workers’ compensation claim. Colorado law requires your employer to select four physicians for you to use, either before your injury or at the time it occurs. If your employer does not provide you with the written list within seven business days of you notifying your employer about your injury, you may choose your own doctor. If you receive the written list, you should keep a copy of the list along with any other claim-related documents.

A designated provider list must:

  • Be provided immediately upon notice of the injury.
  • Be provided as a written copy to the injured worker within seven business days of the report of the injury.
  • Have four physicians and/or corporate medical providers within a 30-mile radius that are willing to treat the injured worker and

Exceptions can apply to rural areas, and telemedicine is permissible.

  • Include complete contact information for the insurance carrier/self-insured employer.

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