Thomas Demarino

Thomas J. DeMarino ALJ

Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation

Honorable Thomas DeMarino graduated from Dickinson College (B.A., 1959) and from Dickinson School of Law at Penn State University (J.D., 1962). From 1965 to 1998 he was engaged in trial practice, dividing litigation approximately equally between tort law and worker’s compensation law. He was appointed Administrative Law Judge for the Division of Worker’s Compensation on January 4, 1999 and served as Chief Prehearing ALJ from November 1, 1999 until March 1, 2013. He Continues to serve as Senior ALJ.

Judge DeMarino as a practicing attorney coauthored Colorado Worker’s Compensation Law and Practice(1984) with practicing attorneys Judges Ronald C. Jaynes and Thomas O. McBride, both of whom became ALJs for Division of Workers’ Compensation. He was the founder and first chair of the Colorado Bar Association Worker’s Compensation Section in 1983 and received its Lansford F. Butler award in 1997.

Judge DeMarino has been active in the state and local bar associations. He served as President, First Vice-President and member of the Board of Trustees in the Denver Bar Association. He served as a member of the Colorado Bar Association Executive Council. He was President and Vice-President of the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association. He is a member of Fellows of the American Bar Foundation and Fellows of the Colorado Bar Foundation.

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