In Colorado Adults over the age of 21 may lawfully consume medicinal and recreational marijuana. Yes. This is true.

It is very important for the workers in Colorado to Understand that Since June 15, 2015, Employers are not required to accommodate medical or recreational marijuana use by employees. Employers may fire employees who test positive for marijuana, even for off-duty use with a valid medical marijuana card.” The Colorado Supreme Court unanimously held in 2015 that Colorado’s Lawful Off-Duty Activities Statute does not protect employees from discharge for using medical marijuana away from work. In Coats v Dish Network, LLC, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the plain language of the statute that protects employees engaging in “lawful off-duty activities” does not cover medical marijuana use, which is illegal under federal law. While it is legal for adults over 21 to grow, purchase, and use the Devil’s Lettuce, it is also permitted for an employer to fire an employee for using marijuana, even in their private time. Yes. Adults over 21 may legally consume marijuana. Yes. Employers can fire employees for the use of marijuana.

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